About Us

Welcome to The Hoops Report, the internet's fastest growing resource for information, data, statistics, news, predictions, and opinions about college basketball.

The Hoops Report was founded during the summer of 2007 and officially launched in September 2007. The company is now based in the heart of college basketball in North Carolina and includes journalists from all over the country.

Our team is committed to providing the most accurate information, data, statistics, news, and predictions to a wide range of audiences: coaches, scouts, players and fans.

Rating Percentage Index (RPI)

RPI is calculated using a public formula, which is also used by the NCAA. This is kept up-to-date as it happens by individually entering each game into the formula and calculating each team's RPI.


The bracket predictions are based on RPI, rankings, and experience of our team. Based on experience predicting the NCAA tournament field, we doubt that we know exactly what the field looks like at any given time, however, we feel that our predictions are very accurate.

Player Rankings and Mock Draft

Player rankings and the Mock Draft are projections based on information gathered from our own writers and other basketball experts around the country.

Articles and Videos

The articles are based on primary observations and/or press releases and/or interviews, which may include writer opinions. The videos are primary interviews or highlights taken by our team, unless otherwise credited to another source.

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