2013-2014 Top 68 Team Previews: #40 Arizona State Sundevils

2013-2014 Top 68 Team Previews: #40 Arizona State Sundevils

Herb Sendek looks to return to the Sundevils to the NCAA Tournament.

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By Matthew Clark

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We have released our first edition of the the 2014 NBA Mock Draft. Keep in mind, it is very early and many things will happen over the next few months that will shake up the draft order. Here are some interesting notes to follow as the season progresses.

1. Andrew Wiggins- Will anyone be able to take down Andrew Wiggins from the number one spot? The Freshman phenom at Kansas is the number one pick overall across the board in mock drafts. In recent memory, he is one of the more hyped players in the high school ranks. Maybe since the Durant/Oden class? It will take some serious flaws coming out during his freshman year at Kansas to allow him to drop from the number one spot.

2. Small Forwards- They are a ton of talent in the big small forward, undersized power forward mold. Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Aaron Gordon, ect. This will probably lead to one of these guys dropping a bit, allowing a team to pick up some value later in the first round. Furthermore, it could push guys like James McAdoo, TJ Warren, Dough McDermott into the late first round, early second round range.

3. International Flavor- We currently have four players in the first round who are international players. Dante Exum, from Australia, is looking at attending college, check out him doing work in this highlight video.

4. Hidden Gems- What players who are currently missing on our 2014 NBA Mock Draft do you see making it in the first round possibily?

5- PJ Hairston- The rising UNC junior has made the headlines this summer for all the wrong reasons. Pulled over in a rented Yukon, Hairston was also charged with possession of marijuana and a handgun was found outside the car. In addition, Hairston was driving with no license. Hairston improved his NBA stock last season, but decided to return for his junior year. A player who could of worked his way into first round, now has much to prove and his NCAA eligibility is up in the air currently.

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