Utah Jazz are Keeping Quiet About Meeting with Enes Kanter

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By Ryan Feldman

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hey TheHoopsReport.com!! I hope all of the mothers had a great Mother's Day this past weekend. I know my mother is a big part of everything I do so it's good to always let mothers know that they are appreciated (I love you mom!!).

The past week has been very active for me and the basketball world in general. The playoffs continue to impress, and a lot of teams are doing better than many people have suspected. The Grizzlies continue to play well and show heart every game, pushing a really talented Oklahoma City team to the brink. Maybe the biggest surprise of them all is the work done by the Dallas Mavericks to dismantle the defending champion LA Lakers. Jason Terry put on a shooting display and it was very entertaining to watch him shoot. I have been a fan of his for a long time so I was happy to see him do well. The East has been having some battles as well, with the Heat, Celtics, Bulls and Hawks. Although many teams have looked impressive I still have to go with the Heat as the favorites to win it all.

As for me, I have had a pretty busy week as well. Finals and graduation just ended so there was a lot of activity going on around campus, not to mention the fact that I still had to prepare for the New Jersey Nets Combine. I managed to balance things out so it was a pretty smooth period for me and I enjoyed the combine and its process all together.

There were some pretty good players out there and it was fun for me to get to play them. I had not actually seen many of the guys play before, but had heard of them, so I was intrigued after seeing their skills. I tested well in my athletic testing also, with the fastest baseline time, third in the star agility drill, a no-step vertical of 31.5 inches, and a running vertical of 36.5 inches. When we finally got to play I was really excited and I learned a lot even from the one day that I was there. I made some good plays and I shot the ball well but I think overall I could have done better on both ends of the floor, so I have a lot to focus on going forward in workouts. I ran mostly point guard and some shooting guard but I felt comfortable at both. When you are playing with other talented guys, positions really don't matter. It's more about results. After we played some 5-on-5 games, I interviewed with a few teams and got to know some of the GM's and head scouts, which was also a good experience for me.

I think the players who turned this combine down missed a valuable experience and I look forward to the next combine. This week I will be working out with the San Antonio Spurs and possibly the Oklahoma City Thunder, which I think will be two more good trips.

I will be checking back with all of the readers and updating the process more next week, so stay tuned!!

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